IBM Cognos TM1 Applications

IBM Cognos TM1 Applications



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30 Day access from time of purchase

IBM Cognos TM1 is a technology based on On-Line Analytical Processing or OLAP.  With IBM Cognos TM1, you can quickly view and understand large sets of Complex business data.  Analysts and Managers can use TM1 Perspectives and Microsoft Excel, and Server Explorer to analyze their business performance.  Business analysts, contributors, and reviewers can use IBM Cognos Applications to navigate and interact with TM1 multidimensional cubes and websheets.

This course is a self-paced, interactive course, four hours in length.  You do not have to complete the course all at once.  You can come back within the 30 days.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use TM1 Cube Views & Websheets for Model Analysis
  • Explore & Modify Data
  • Perform "What-If" Analysis
  • Accept & Reject Plans


This course is intended for Business Analysts, Contributors, Reviewers, Financial Planners, Financial Analysts, and Finance Managers.

Knowledge Level: Introduction


Knowledge of your organization’s data and structure is necessary.  Use of a web browser to access the corporate intranet environment is assumed.


This is an online, self-paced, interactive course.  You will have access to the course for 30 days from the date of purchase.