IBM Planning Analytics Workspace (Self-Paced)

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IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Coursee - Self-Paced (7 hours)

IBM Planning Analytics capabilities span personal, functional, and enterprise requirements for planning, analysis and reporting to help Finance drive timely decision-making.  Analysts and Managers can use Microsoft Excel and a web interface to analyze their business performance.

Overview:  Attendees will learn to provide self-service analytics to key performance indicators to users through an interactive, customizable workspace, analyze data exploration and natural language queries based on common business terms, create clear, compelling graphics and integrated scorecards to share with decision makers, retain familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with enhanced functionality, and plan detailed, what-if scenario modelling with powerful hierarchy capabilities, enabling you to model attributes of hierarchies for more granular analysis.

Prerequisites:  A knowledge of your organization’s data and structure, as well as Microsoft Excel experience, is necessary. 

Performance goals

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • ​explore and analyze data with Planning Analytics Workspace
  • modify data and work in sandboxes
  • create visualizations
  • build a synchronized dashboard
  • access data and objects quickly
  • share content

Course will be accessible for 30 days.

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